Meeting Minutes February 2, 2017

Minutes for CVNA Quarterly Meeting held February 2, 2017

30 attendees

Primary topic was amendment CP-3B-16 concerning adding three extra streets connecting Oberlin and Daniels.  Also included in the proposal is a re-routing of the Peace-Clark intersection. City’s homepage for small area plan and planning document. The amendment will be discussed at the next Planning Commission meeting on February 7.

Laurent de Comarmond presented the plans overall for the Hillsborough small area plan.  It is a 142 page document that included over 2 years of work by a planning committee.  CVNA area members who worked with the committee were Will Allen, Chris Babson and Laurent.

Of interest in the document to many attendees was the cost of each cut-through.

  • Oberlin – Wade (next to Oberlin Court and the cemetary) ~$700k
  • Oberlin – Sutton ~$700k
  • Oberlin – Graham ~$700k
  • Adding a signal at Daniels and Wade ~$300k

Ben Taylor presented the meeting with detailed aerial views of our neighborhood and offered suggestions on the feasibility of each cut-through.

  • Oberlin -Wade, upgrade a tight alley to a street, very unlikely
  • Oberlin – Sutton, condos being constructed make this virtually impossible
  • Oberlin – Graham, perhaps the easiest but politically very unpalatable, due to taking property from CV condos.

Many attendees had questions and discussion points to make such as

  • Why are they planning things that probably can’t be built?
  • The purpose of the February 7 planning meeting is to add the given changes to the small area plan
  • If the purpose is access for our neighborhood, why do they want to dump more traffic onto Oberlin which is overloaded.
  • Many residents see this more as a feeder of traffic to the neighborhood

The reasons discussed why these new streets are good were

  • Connectivity.  More options for traffic means less traffic on each street
  • The city seems reluctant to do anything about the Daniels-Wade intersection
  • CVN gains better bike and walking access to Oberlin

A vote was taken to present our groups opinion on adding the amendment to the small area plane:

  • 1 attendee voted in favor
  • 29 attendees voted against.

Representatives planning to attend the next Planning Commission meeting where the amendment may or may not be adopted are

  • Will Allen
  • Beverley Clark
  • Banks Talley
  • Matt Craig

All concerned CVNA members are encouraged to attend if they wish.

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