Meeting Minutes Feb 16 2016

Minutes for CVNA Quarterly Meeting held February 16, 2016

23 attendees

Banks plans to schedule the whole year’s meeting and post them all, so that everyone can plan ahead.

Introduction of the Chapmans, remodeling in CV and moving in from Cameron Park. And welcome of other new neighbors.

Treasurer’s report not available, yet. Must get it from the previous CVNA officers and email it out.

It is proposed that we bring food and beverage to the meeting as it occurs near dinner time for many. May affect meeting location depending on what the library allows.

Six Woodburn residents in attendance grilled Banks for all the sidewalk information he had. Our very helpful contact with the city regarding Woodburn sidewalks is Cardis Thompson, (919) 996 4055,
Mid-April there is a public meeting about the sidewalks. Planned completion is summer of 2017.

A suggestion is made that we contact the 616 Oberlin construction manager about managing their parking and traffic better. Much of it is using Daniels, whereas the conditions should have stated that was to be avoided.

During an “Open Forum” neighbors brought up concerns including

  • Employment Security Commission building redevelopment
  • left turns from Woodburn to Wade
  • Thru trucks using Woodburn from Smallwood to Wade
  • Speed bumps on Woodburn
  • Smallwood and Smedes has people parking close to the corner. There should be yellow paint on the curbs.
  • The rental next to Richard and Anne is a nuisance (loud)
  • If the ESC building does get sold, we need a plan to suggest to the city for fixing Wade+St Marys+Daniels intersection
  • 616 should use their own parking deck for parking, not all of Daniels
  • Four-way stops to slow down traffic
  • When we talk of CVNA “homeowners”, Bellwood condos are implicit in that phrase, too
  • The east-bound Wade exit onto Daniels needs better yield signage
  • CVNA needs a garden club/plan exchange
  • Our neighborhood should have a nice, welcoming CV neighborhood sign and a minipark in the triangle of grass at Smallwood+Cameron+Bellwood

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